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Boat Rentals in Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach is an amazing place to visit in Southern California. Discover golden beaches, delicious food, and world-class events. There is no doubt that there is something magical about the city for everyone on land or water. Rentals and charters are widely available in Newport Beach from pontoon boats, sailboats, and kayaks to pedal boats and stand-up paddleboards. Find your ideal yachting vacation to experience the endless beauty of Southern California’s sandy beaches.

About Newport Beach, CA

Located in Orange County, Newport Beach is home to one of the world’s largest pleasure-boat harbors. The area is approximately 40 square miles, of which 22 square miles is water. The city officially incorporated into Newport Beach include Corona del Mar, Balboa Island, Newport Coast, San Joaquin Hills, and Balboa Peninsula. Newport Beach offers an abundance of water activities and a wonderful place in which to work and play. The city enjoys a mild climate, and beautiful beaches draw millions of visitors to Newport Beach each year. Take advantage of dozens of boat rental and yacht charter to enjoy unparalleled views of the coastal city. It offers various outdoor activities in which residents and non-residents of all ages can participate. 

Head towards Newport Beach during early summer, where daytime temperatures average 80 degrees. There are many ways to explore and enjoy Newport Beach, stroll around unique villages and city’s shopping areas with waterfront views. Check out Civic Center Sculpture Garden, only minutes away from Costa Mesa’s Orange County for a unique cultural experience.

Also, the city offers luxurious to affordable hotels and luxury beach cottage rentals for a comfortable stay. 

Things to Do in Newport Beach, CA

There are plenty of things to do by boat or by land near Newport Beach, California, but it’s the perfect place to experience an adventure out at sea, eat delicious food, and enjoy beautiful beaches near Los Angeles. 

Newport Beach is known for its stunning sunsets, coastal shorelines & beaches, so you’re sure to enjoy the water and some time with your family and friends. With easy boating access, discover the Balboa Island or check out the gorgeous Crystal Cove State Park for breathtaking views of the California coast. 

There are multiple boat rental opportunities available if you’re looking to explore Newport Beach, including yacht, motorized boats, canoe/kayak, and paddleboard rentals. 

There’s also plenty of tasty restaurants to relish in between catching rays and waves like Bluewater Grill and Driftwood Kitchen. 

Newport Beach Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters

Newport Beach has numerous water activities to offer in either a boat or yacht allowing you to get out for a day of whale watching and sportfishing excursions. The city has many boating options for everyone, from pontoon boats, private yachts, sailboats, and kayaks to pedal boats and stand-up paddleboards. The perfect way to appreciate and savor the beauty of Newport Beach Harbor is by renting a boat or chartering a yacht. 

Boat Rental Near Me is here to help you contract the ideal boat and enjoy a memorable boating experience aboard. Check out these top Newport Beach boating destinations for you and your family. 

Newport Beach Marinas

With their luxurious amenities and services, Newport Beach has among the finest marinas in the world. There are two Newport Beach Marinas located in Newport Harbor:

  • The Bayside Village Marina 
  • Marina Sailing Newport Beach. 

These marinas feature great views of the ocean and boats in their berths.

Boat Rental Options in Newport Beach

Newport Beach is the perfect spot to hit the water and enjoy some time with your family. Anyone can enjoy a boat rental in Newport Beach and there are many boating options for everyone. You can rent motor boats, sailboats,  kayaks, pedal boats, and stand-up paddle boards, to name a few. 

When you head down to Newport Bay, make sure to explore all the city, and its bay has to offer. You can find a whole variety of different boats coming in all shapes and sizes. Boat Rental Near Me makes it possible for you to experience a unique day on the water. We work with boat and yacht owners in and around Newport Beach that provides a wide selection of boat rentals.

Newport Beach has many leisure activities to choose from like paddle lessons or rent a boat or explore surrounding waters on your own. There are canoe rentals and kayaking tours available too. Paddlesports are a great way to escape the land and perfect family activity, great for all ages while traveling in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach provides a range of activities to enjoy, including whale and dolphin watching, sports fishing, and touring the islands. You can charter a yacht for active travelers, perfect choices for all types of events and occasions from birthday parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, and company parties to experience premium holiday.

If you’re looking to spend some time on the water, sport fishing is a great choice in Newport Beach. You can charter a yacht to enjoy spacious accommodations and all necessary equipment, or rent a boat and cast off on your own. There are various fish to reel in, including trout, catfish, and largemouth, and smallmouth bass to catch. 

Explore the neighboring coasts with your family and enjoy a variety of ocean species up close. 

Below are a few ways we can help you enjoy the water in Newport Beach.

BOAT Charters in Newport Beach

Make the most of each moment when you travel to Newport Beach. Chartering offers an unbeatable chance to explore a new kind of boating with your family and friends. Take advantage of the many boat rental and yacht charter opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Newport Beach Harbor. You can charter with a professional crew or bareboat under your command, depending on your boating experience and qualifications. Enjoy spending time cruising to Balboa Island, Crystal Cove State Park, and along Newport Coast. 

There are many types of charters you can choose from: 

  • Bareboat Charters
  • Crewed Charters
  • Cabin Charters
  • Yacht Charters
  • Fishing Charters

Yacht Charters in Newport Beach

Yachting isn’t just a sport but a lifestyle! You can find many options for a yacht rental in Newport Beach; however, it’s important to understand the difference between a yacht and a boat. Yacht charters typically are 10 meters (30 feet) while anything smaller is a boat.  

Yachts are generally ideal for larger groups, parties, and overnight outings. These vessels can provide a captain, mate, chef, and even crew to serve your specific needs. Chartering a yacht offers all you could imagine and more, from absolute relaxation to breathtaking adventure and treasured moments with family and friends.

Sailboat Rental in Newport Beach

Are you looking for a sailboat rental in Newport Beach? Look no further, Boat Rental Near Me will help you find the perfect sailboat for any occasion. This can be a great way to bring peace into our busy lives; the wind or the water’s sounds as it flows past the boat can be very relaxing. 

With hundreds of sailboats available for rent in Newport Beach, experience the ultimate sailing adventures in the area. You can decide whether you want to hire a skipper to do the sailing or take an active part to improve your sailing skills. Spend all your time on Easton Bay; you will encounter beautiful scenery and a wide range of sea life. 

Newport Beach has endless opportunities for great sail fishing. Get the chance to catch Giant yellowtail, white sea bass, dorado, tuna, mako shark, yellowfin tuna, striped marlin, halibut, calico bass, sand bass, bonito, sculpin, whitefish, and dozens more. 

Sail through Balboa Island, Crystal Cove State Park, and along Newport Coast to enjoy a great sailing vacation.

Fishing Charters in Newport Beach

Newport Beach is the perfect place to find a fishing charter. It can be a great afternoon of inshore angling or a serious week of offshore action. First, you have to consider what kind of fishing you want to do- is it bonefishing in the flats, trolling for tuna, or deep-sea fishing for marlin?

Newport Beach has the most diverse selection of fishing charters to suit your needs. Chartering a fishing boat allows you to experience fishing and have enough time to explore these stunning locations. Chartering a fishing boat is an ideal choice for a large group of friends to move around freely as you target a fish. Head towards the Newport Harbor Entrance, Newport Artificial Reef, Corona Del Mar State Beach, and Newport Beach Pipe to catch sea bass, yellowtail, bass, rockfish (cod), bonito, sheepshead, and halibut all season. 

Experience happiness and satisfaction when you hop aboard on your trip. Boat Rental Near Me helps you find the right fishing charter to ensure you can’t go wrong whatever your chosen destination!

Weather for Boat Rental and Yacht Charters in Newport Beach

The best time to travel to Newport Beach is during the peak of summer. From July through September, the weather is at its warmest of the year, and the ocean is comfortable to swim. But year-round, this seaside town weather and climate tend to remain comfortable most of the time.  You can expect to see sunshine almost every day when daytime temperatures reach 81F (27C) while nighttime temperatures lower to about 63F (17C). This season is typically mild, with less rain and humidity. However, during peak season, the island is very crowded, and prices are usually highest.

From January-March, average temperatures hovering in the 50s and 60s. Thus, winter may not be an excellent time to enjoy the sun in Newport Beach. But a great time to stroll around everything else the city has to offer, including museums, art galleries, and nature trails. Find the perfect hotel within your budget.

In reality, every day is the perfect day to visit Newport Beach. Chartering a yacht or renting a boat in summer is a beautiful way to spend your summer getaway as it allows freedom, flexibility, and quality family time. 


What is the Price Range of boats in Newport Beach?

Well, that depends on the experience you are looking for. Check from our inventory of boats to better understand the prices for everything from one-day boat rental to luxury yacht charters.

What kind of boats can I rent in Newport Beach?

In Newport Beach you can find boat rentals and charters of all types.  Here are a few popular options:

  • Party Boats
  • Sailboats
  • Fishing Boat Charters
  • Yacht charters
  • Speed boats
  • Catamarans
  • Jet skis
  • Kayaks

Do I need a boating license to rent a boat with Boat Rental Near Me?

Boat Rental Near me allows anyone to rent a boat to enjoy endless breathtaking scenery with friends and family. However, you may want to hire a skipper if you do not know how to captain a boat yourself. 

Where can I take a boat in Newport Beach?

Discover aquatic adventures in Newport Beach, explore areas along the stunning coastline, only accessible by boat. You’ll want to check:

  • Balboa Island, Newport Beach
  • Bay Island (California)
  • Collins Island, Newport Beach
  • Harbor Island, Newport Beach
  • Lido Isle, Newport Beach
  • Linda Isle, Newport Beach

When is the best time to visit Newport Beach?

All year-round, you can visit Newport Beach, and they’ve all got something uniquely awesome to offer the discerning traveler. It won’t be quite as busy as it is from March to early November, generally warmer days than summer. Enjoying quieter beaches and catching fun from Mid-September through mid-October as the summer crowds have left. However, from June – August is the tourist season.

When does the boating season start in Newport Beach?

California boat festivals are the most awaited season for boating and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts; It typically starts from late April to early October to celebrate the boating and marine sports lifestyle in Newport Beach.The show features sport fishing boats, performance boats, ski boats, cruisers, jet skis, pontoons, motorboats, cabin cruisers, dinghies/inflatables, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and more!

What is the water temperature in Newport Beach?

Average water temperatures vary from year to year, depending upon the weather and ocean currents. California sea temperatures in southern beaches reach around 68 degrees F during summer, while ocean temperature in northern beaches hovers at just 52 degrees F. 

However, the Pacific Ocean’s month of June and July continues to warm the entire Californian coast.  At most beaches, the water temperature peaks in August and early September.

Can you take a boat from Newport Beach to Santa Catalina?

Absolutely!  Heading out to the Channel Islands or Santa Catalina are popular day boating trips from Newport Beach that take about an hour depending on your plans.

What types of boats can I rent in Newport Beach?

Newport Beach has everything for a boating experience that comes with different shapes and sizes that suit your group’s needs and memorable occasion.

 You can choose a wide range of vessels here like as follows: 

  • Pontoons
  • Luxury yachts
  • Sailing catamarans
  • Fishing boats
  • Jet ski
  • Sabots
  • What kind of marine life can I expect to see near Newport Beach?

Marine life near Newport Beach includes:  seals, large schools of fish, colorful invertebrates, and giant kelp forests.

Dive through the Channel Islands or Monterey underwater to experience this amazing underwater marine life.

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