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Now that your booking is confirmed, we have a few final pieces of information for you regarding yacht charter.  Please share this information with your guests. 

Liability Waiver – All guests need to sign our liability waiver online prior to boarding:
IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ: Tennis shoes, soft sole shoes, boat shoes, flip-flops, and sandals are fine for footwear. Please do not wear spike heels, high heels, wedges or hard-soled shoes or boots, as you will be asked to remove them once aboard Good Life. 

COVID-19 UPDAT:  The Department of Beaches and Harbors continue to collaborate with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) office to assist our Marina del Rey charter boats and passenger vessels to resume their businesses in a safe and orderly manner.  

Presently, charter boats and passenger vessels that have more than six passengers are not allowed.  

Charter boats with six or fewer passengers all from the same household are now allowed, provided the crew member onboard is strictly complying with all health mandates, including physical distancing and use of cloth face mask coverings. The term “same household members” is defined as any group of people living within one house. See the attached guidelines and checklists for acceptable practices including practicing physical distancing and cleaning.


As mandated by the county to avoid the spread of COVID-19, we recommend the following safety measures to all LA County charters:

  1. Only one group/family of Not more than 6 passengers (living on the same house hold) is allowed to charter the boat.
  2. All passengers and crew must wear face covering at all times while on board.
  3. The skipper must maintain at least 6 feet distance from the passengers.
  4. Vessel must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each trip/cruise.
  5. Hand sanitizers, tissues and trash cans must be available to passengers at all times.

Charter operators are advised that they should follow and publicly post DPH’s Retail checklist and Notice to Customers attached and below:  
LA County Safer-at-Home Policy
LA County Public Health Notice to Customers